pussypleasurer asked: Mm I'd love to make you cum, starting out with my lips against yours, tasting your tongue and biting your lip. My hands would slowly run around your body, slowly undressing you as you do the same to me. My hands play with your tits and feel them all over and I gently grab them. "You feel so hot and great baby". My hands start to slide down to your pussy, I cuff my hand and slowly rub your wet tit pussy ;). You begin to feel a bulge touching your thigh and it throbbing hard.

Mmm…I’m arching my back and pressing my hard nipples into your chest as your fingers rub my clit and spread my wetness around. I can feel your thick cock buldging against my thigh and it’s turning me on even more…I start to stroke your cock through your boxers and slowly rum my thumb in a circle around the tip as you shove two fingers inside of me, squirming and moaning louder as you increase your speed. I want you to get your cock out and slap the tip against my swollen clit until I’m begging you to fuck me, then shove every inch into my soaking pussy and fuck me fast and hard and pull my hair and make me scream.

eroticnoveler asked: I want to lay you down on your belly and lick you all over starting on the back of your neck down to your lower back, then lick over your bum to your right thigh and down to your ankle, before making my way up your left leg I let out a gentle breath of air where I have licked sending a tingles across your body Making my back up to your lower back you feel the tip of my hard cock following where I have licked and as I reach the back of your neck I slide my cock deep inside your wet pussy.

Mmmm yes…I’d bite my lip and cry out as your full length slides in and out. I’m so wet for you…I love riding your length like this, moaning as your balls slap against my swollen little clit and waves of pleasure build up throughout my body. Grab my hips as you slam into me harder, faster.

draumurist-deactivated20140704 asked: I wana make you cum.

Well what a coincidence…I wanna make you cum too ;) but I want to tease each other first..start off kissing slow, then playfully biting your lower lip as I slide my hands into your back pockets and squeeze your butt. Then I would start kissing and biting your neck as I start to grind against the thick bulge in your pants.